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Sunday, April 02, 2017

2017 National Carers Day


Over 8 million Canadians are caregivers; that’s one in
four people. We all know someone either personally, socially or professionally
who is a caregiver. Without them, our health system would be faced with
increased costs in the billions of dollars. The contributions they make,
monetarily, socially and emotionally are invaluable. Caregivers are often
referred to as our invisible health partners. On behalf of Carers Canada,
we are here to tell you that they can no longer, must no longer, be

the first Tuesday of April, Canadians come together to recognize family
members, friends, neighbours and other significant people who take on a caring
role to support someone with a diminishing physical ability, a debilitating
cognitive condition or a chronic life-limiting illness.  Known as National
Family Caregiver Day or National Carers Day, this special day encourages
all Canadians to pay tribute and recognize the valuable contribution of family
caregivers to our lives and our society as a whole.

For the first time in Canada, our Prime Minister is
releasing a statement recognizing the diversity, role and value of carers on
April 4 – National Carers Day. This is an action that many carers and diverse
stakeholders across Canada have collectively advocated for over the years. This
acknowledgement marks a pivotal step in advancing a national agenda to provide
the necessary supports for individuals who take on an unpaid caring role.

On April 4, join the celebration. The theme this year is “Caring at Home –
Recognizing Caring Canadians”, as we recognize the vital role
of carers in caring at home and importance for actions to better support them.

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