Alphabetical Listing of Services - P - Niagara

Paderewski Society Homes   St Catharines
Parachute   Toronto
ParaMed - Niagara   Niagara-on-the-Lake
ParaMed Home Health Care - Niagara   Niagara-on-the-Lake
Paramount Care Nursing Agency  
Parenting Education  
Parents for Children's Mental Health   St Catharines
Parkinson Canada   North York
Parkinson Canada - Niagara Support Group   St Catharines
Parkinson Canada - Ottawa Office - Ottawa   Ottawa
Parkinson's Disease  
Partners in Research   London
PASAN   Toronto
Pathstone Mental Health   St Catharines
Patient Ombudsman   Toronto
Patient Transfer  
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada   Ottawa
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario   Toronto
Pediatric Rehabilitation  
Pelham (Town of)   Fonthill
Pelham Cares   Fonthill
Pelham Non-Profit Housing Corporation   Fonthill
Pelham Public Library   Fonthill
Pelham Urgent Care   St Catharines
Pen Centre (The) - Mall Walkers   St Catharines
Penny Doncaster Occupational Therapy Services - Niagara Falls - Head Office   Niagara Falls
Perch for Women   Niagara Falls
Performance Health Canada   Mississauga
Personal Emergency Response Systems  
Personal Identification, Certificates and Licences  
Personal Support Worker Registry of Ontario   Toronto
PFLAG Canada   Ottawa
PFLAG Canada - Niagara Chapter   St Catharines
Pharma Viva Pharmacy - Thorold   Thorold
Pharma-Star Medical Pharmacy   St Catharines
PharmaChoice - Niagara Falls - Victoria Ave (Victoria Medical)   Niagara Falls
PharmaChoice - St Catharines - Lakeshore Rd (Port Dalhousie)   St Catharines
PharmaChoice Pharmacy - Niagara Falls - Ferry St (Niagara Urgent Care Pharmacy)   Niagara Falls
Pharmacies (Extended Hours)  
Pharmacists' Association of the Niagara Peninsula  
Pharmasave - Beamsville - Hixon St (Beamsville Medical Pharmacy)   Beamsville
Pharmasave - Beamsville - Ontario St (Lincoln Medical Pharmacy)   Beamsville
Pharmasave - Fort Erie (Mrs O's Pharmacy)   Fort Erie
Pharmasave - Fort Erie - Garrison Rd   Fort Erie
Pharmasave - Niagara Falls (MedPlus Pharmacy)   Niagara Falls
Pharmasave - Niagara Falls - Dorchester Rd (Morrison)   Niagara Falls
Pharmasave - Niagara Falls - Stanley Ave (Hanna Pharmacy)   Niagara Falls
Pharmasave - Niagara-on-the-Lake (Simpson's Apothecary)   Niagara-on-the-Lake
Pharmasave - Smithville (West Lincoln Pharmacy)   Smithville
Pharmasave - St Catharines (Carlton Corners)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines (Ontario St Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines (Port Health Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines (Port Weller Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines - Carlton St (Carlton Heights Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines - Niagara St (Niagara-Welland Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - St Catharines - Scott St (Grantham Pharmacy)   St Catharines
Pharmasave - Thorold (Henderson's Pharmacy)   Thorold
Pharmasave - Virgil (Simpson's Pharmacy)   Virgil
Pharmashield Dispensary - Niagara Falls   Niagara Falls
Philips Lifeline   Toronto
Phoenix Patient Transfer   Lowbanks
Physiotherapy Clinics (OHIP Funded)  
Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre   Welland
Physiotherapy Services - Publicly Funded Clinics  
Pioneer Elder Care - St Catharines - Lakeshore Rd   St Catharines
Pioneer Elder Care - St Catharines - St Helena St   St Catharines
Pioneer Elder Care - St Catharines - Vine St   St Catharines
PKD Foundation of Canada   Etobicoke
PlaySmart Centre - Responsible Gambling Council  
Pleasant Manor Retirement Village   Virgil
Plymouth Cordage Retirement Community   Welland
Port Cares   Port Colborne
Port Colborne (City of)   Port Colborne
Port Colborne Public Library   Port Colborne
Port Medical Pharmacy   Port Colborne
Portage Medical Family Health Team   Niagara Falls
Portage Medical Pharmacy   Niagara Falls
Portage Walk-in Clinic   Niagara Falls
Portal Village Retirement Home   Port Colborne
Positive Living Niagara   St Catharines
Premier Mobility and Health Products   Burlington
Prenatal Network of Niagara   Thorold
Primary Care Niagara - Niagara Falls   Niagara Falls
Primary Care Niagara - Welland   Welland
Pro Bono Ontario   Toronto
Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario   Toronto
Project Lifesaver Niagara   Welland
Project SHARE   Niagara Falls
Promoting Awareness of RSD/CRPS in Canada - Niagara area   St Catharines
PromptDoc Urgent Care Clinic   St Catharines
ProResp - St Catharines   St Catharines
Prostate Cancer Canada   Toronto
Prostate Cancer Canada Network - Niagara Support Group   Toronto
Provincial Council of Women of Ontario  
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office   North York
pt Health   Hamilton
Public Health Ontario   Toronto
Public Health Physicians of Canada   Ottawa
Public Health Promotion  
Pulmonary Rehabilitation  
Pulse Medical   Hamilton
HNHB Concussion Resources